Shapes 3D Geometry Drawing - expanding a perfect learning app

Taking Geometry learning to the next level


Shapes 3D Geometry Learning turned out to be a big success for our client, so they decided to build another app that needed to be even more immersive and engaging for young geometry students.

Immersing students in the world of geometry by using Merge Cube® - world's first holographic object.


The new Shapes app included all of the top features of the previous app, while expanding the app's capabilities and adjust it to the use of Merge Cube.

Adding the amazing Merge Cube experience

Adjusting 27 highly interactive geometric objects

Allowing students to explore transparent surfaces, highlight vertices & edges

Highlighting the difference between perspective and isometric view

Making it possible to construct cross-sections and 2D shapes inside the solids,

Engage your students in meaningful exploration
of geometric solids

Scope of the project


Team members



UX design



Key Features

Explore vertices, edges and faces

Draw line segments: diagonals, bisectors and heights

cross-sections and 2D shapes within a solid

various polyhedra


Using MERGE Cube with Shapes 3D Geometry Drawing really helps students better understand the geometry they're viewing. We're excited about the app because it's one of the few use cases of addressing mathematics on the MERGE Cube, which is something very in demand with our teachers and educators. 

Jeremy Kenisky

Vice President at MERGE

Agnieszka Linnik

Business Development Coordinator

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