Shapes 3D Geometry Learning - the first and only complete geometry app

Augmenting geometry learning experience


Our client wanted to create the first geometry app that improves 

creative thinking, spatial reasoning and manual skills.

Dozens of students and teachers were engaged in creating the perfect solution to meet the real needs of the educational world.


We created a 3D app that allows students to explore the world of geometric solids. The major milestones achieved during this phase were:

Part 1 - 3D app

Building 27 highly interactive geometric objects

Allowing the students to explore transparent surfaces, highlight vertices & edges or color selected elements

Creating stunning designs and animations

Designing printable nets and allowing students to recreate solids in the real world 

A 3D experience is an excellent tool but students need something more. That’s why we implemented an AR solution which allows them to fully immerse in the world of geometry. The major achievements during this stage included:

Part 2 - Augmented Reality Experience

Creating an extraordinary Mixed Reality Experience with Unity

Allowing the users to highlight edges, sides and vertices and to dissolve the entire object

Adapting the project to create an academically verified educational app

One academically verified educational app that replaces a whole set of traditional tools.

Scope of the project


Team members



UX design




Printable Nets

Print nets and allow children to explore solids outside the app to improve their manual skills as well

Interactive Solids

27 interactive solids, including a variety of prisms, pyramids, Platonic solids and revolving solids.

Explorable Objects

Explore a transparent surfaces mode, highlight the vertices and edges or color selected elements.

Augmented Reality Experience

Use a simple gesture control to zoom and rotate shapes in Augmented Reality



I love how Shapes brings virtual objects to life through Augmented Reality. When I made my first demo of Shapes in AR and placed a virtual cube on the floor, it really looked like it was there! Now it’s a core part of what we make. We believe that AR is a tech 

of the future that millions of students can already use in the classrooms today!

Michał Wróblewski

Creator of Shapes 3D Geometry Learning @Learn Teach Explore

Agnieszka Linnik

Business Development Coordinator

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